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  1. Gclub มือถือ Medicinal properties of the "watermelon" that many people may not know!

    Gclub มือถือ Online gambling games play simple. Who wants to play with our online casino. Today, the web is talking about the medicinal properties of "watermelon", which is a cool medicine. Nourish Appetite Help digest the kidney disease, relieve bladder inflammation. Lower blood pressure Help in diuretic as well. In addition, watermelon also has properties to reduce heat in the body. It also helps reduce blood pressure as well.

    Traditional medicine Bring watermelon peel to boil with clean water until thick. Used as a remedy to relieve chronic kidney disease. Or if the fresh watermelon shell to boil instead of tea. Can help reduce high blood pressure as well. Watermelon also helps prevent and treat the symptoms of colds or sore throat as well.

    In addition, if the flesh of the watermelon, the seeds are squeezed, but the water. Put it into a pottery set lightly. Always keep stirring. Let the watermelon start to leave the oven to cool. We will have watermelon to eat the symptoms of high blood pressure as well. And this is the medicinal properties of the "watermelon" at the gclub มือถือ ios we have to leave it.